[stunnel-users] slow transfer of smtp

jason kawaja kawaja at ece.ufl.edu
Thu Feb 15 16:40:58 CET 2007

On Feb 14, 2007, at 12:45 PM, jason kawaja wrote:

> greetings.  clients connects normally when not using ssl  
> (stunnel).  when using ssl the connection on the client end appears  
> to take about a minute but does eventually work (mail is sent  
> through encrypted). shown below is the log with debug=7 and a space  
> between the area where a "pause" seems to be, ideas on what could  
> be occurring during this time to induce the "pause"?
> client = machine making connection.
> server = machine running stunnel accepting the connection.


> 2007.02.14 12:24:08 LOG7[69377:134881280]: TCP_NODELAY option set  
> on remote socket
> 2007.02.14 12:25:06 LOG7[69377:134631424]: imaps accepted FD=13  
> from client:62850


issue resolved, had nothing to do with stunnel.

Jason Kawaja, 2-4568
IT Expert, UF Dept of ECE

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