[stunnel-users] "The most recent stable Stunnel version?"

Joseph Mocker mock+stunnel at fakebelieve.org
Sun Feb 4 18:24:25 CET 2007

Perhaps the binaries page content was taken mostly from sources page. I 
do see a red asterisk there:


(which shows version 4.20 as the current version)


Roger Fulton wrote:
> Hi,
> I've checked the support pages. I've browsed the mailing list 
> archives. I've perused the ChangeLog file. I can't find an answer to 
> this question:
> At http://www.stunnel.org/download/binaries.html is stated "The most 
> recent stable Stunnel version is flagged with a red asterisk (*)." 
> I've used two different browsers, and I'll be danged if I see *any* 
> version marked with *any* asterisk, red or otherwise.
> Would someone kindly direct this Stunnel newbie to the "most recent 
> stable Stunnel version?"
> TIA.
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