[stunnel-users] Oracle JDBC Failover not working

Dario Mariani dario.mariani at sun-cs-italy.com
Fri Feb 2 12:30:21 CET 2007

Hi all.

We have a problem here with this configuration.
before stunnel:
BEA Weblogic, 2 JDBC, server1:1521 and server2:1521
Two SunCluster nodes with Oracle OPS/RAC (active-active conf), with NO shared address. So "server1" and "server2" are the phisical address.

after stunnel:
the JDBC config is and
stunnel client is 10001->server1:11521 and 10002->server2:11521
stunnel server is 11521->localhost:1521

When we shut down the server1 (so oracle, listener and stunnel server is not responding), BEA cannot failover.
A quick analisys shows that:
1. the JDBC connects to stunnel client, that accept the connection
2. stunnel client fails to connect to stunnel server
3. stunnel client close the connection with the JDBC
4. the JDBC cannot deal with the situation and doesn't failover.
It seems like JDBC doesn't failover when he can open a connection but oracle doesn't reply.

What i need is:
is possible for Stunnel client to FIRST try to connect to the server, and then eventually accept the connection from the jdbc?

Bye, dario.

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