[stunnel-users] Fork Error

John O'Fallon john at maxum.com
Fri Oct 20 00:17:46 CEST 2006

Since upgrading to Stunnel 4.17, I occasionally get the following error:

2006.10.18 23:08:45 LOG3[7007:25232896]: fork: Resource temporarily
unavailable (35)
2006.10.18 23:08:45 LOG5[7007:25232896]: Connection reset: 0 bytes  
sent to
SSL, 0 bytes sent to socket

The problem doesn't occur right away, but after some number of hits  
on the server.

Reverting to Stunnel 4.15 corrects the problem.

This is an OS X 10.4 Mac.

I haven't confirmed the problem with 4.18, because the release notes  
indicate mainly changes relevant to Win32.

Has any one else seen the problem?  Michal, any thoughts?


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