[stunnel-users] SegFault with stunnel

Beyerle, Christian Beyerle at ewr.de
Thu Oct 12 14:49:55 CEST 2006

Hello Everyone,

I try to encrypt a Mysql-Connection between two host which run Suse
Linux 10.1. On the Server runs a mysql database, on the client runs
barnyard (a plugin for snort) which should write into the mysql

I installed stunnel 4.14 on x86_64-suse-linux-gnu
UCONTEXT+POLL+IPv4+LIBWRAP with OpenSSL 0.9.8a 11 Oct 2005 on both

The Configuration file on the Server (mysql) looks like:
client = no
debug = 7777777
output = /var/log/stunnel.log

accept = 10439
connect =

Stunnel seems to run well:
lsof -i -n | grep stunnel
stunnel   25330 stunnel    6u  IPv4 371490       TCP *:10439 (LISTEN)

On the client:
client = yes
accept =
connect =

Stunnel seems to run as well as on the server:

stunnel 16634 stunnel    6u  IPv4  22487       TCP

If i start barnyard that should connect to port 3306, barnyard cannot
open the port and quits.
I looked in my syslog and found the following entry:

Oct 12 14:10:28 CLIENT kernel: stunnel[10991]: segfault at
0000000055697fb0 rip 000055555555b793 rsp 00005555556b0520 error 4
Oct 12 14:10:28 CLIENT barnyard[10997]: FATAL ERROR: Failed to connect
to database snort:XXXXXXXX at Lost connection to MySQL
server during query
Oct 12 14:10:28 CLIENT barnyard[10997]: Exiting

I find no log of stunnel which help me to understand the reason of the
crash. After this stunnel not too seem runnign anymore on the port:
lsof -i -n | grep stunnel
(no output)

Does anybody have an idea??? 
Thank you for the help,

-- Chris

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