[stunnel-users] Connection problems and TCP frame checksum errors

Tommi Nieminen ttn at mbnet.fi
Tue Oct 10 10:42:43 CEST 2006

> Another thing that bothers me is, that sometimes there
> are TCP frames with incorrect checksum. I've monitored
> with Ethereal and tcpdump. Both show incorrect frames,
> and they are always from the stunnel-end of the connection.
> What could be the cause of those broken frames?

I was talking to a friend of mine about these checksum errors.
He had seen them also, but only if Ethereal was in the same
server where the ssl software was (he had used different
ssl software, not Stunnel). If he used an external pc for
monitoring, then Ethereal showed no checksum errors. So
it seems that for some reason Ethereal should not be run
in the same server were SSL software is running. I'll test
this myself, once I get a chance.

This probably answers one of my questions. The other one
remains: sometimes the server doesn't respond to connections.
Any ideas?


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