[stunnel-users] Performance Problems.

Don Werve donw at iradeon.net
Sat May 6 00:52:07 CEST 2006

After a fair bit of poking, prodding, and googling, I have yet to find
the solution to my problem.  So, here goes:

stunnel looks to be running slowly.  Very slowly.  We're starting to
analyze it with gprof to see where it spends all of its time when we're
trying to do content negotiation, and I've whipped up a quick-and-dirty
Ruby script that grabs data from the server and then spits out the
performace results; I'm sitting on my own T1, so our connectivity is
pretty good.

The results with this script are similar with 'delay=yes',
'session=600', and 'compression=zlib'.

So, here's what happens when I nab data from our stunnel-ed server with
said script (I can supply the script if anyone is interested):

#File	    Size      time    thrpht        time    thrprt    multiple
index.html    7k http 0.1548 ( 46k/s) https 0.7449 (  9k/s) * 4.8131
test1.jpg     1k http 0.0928 ( 12k/s) https 0.6379 (  1k/s) * 6.8726
test2.jpg    10k http 0.1812 ( 59k/s) https 0.6743 ( 16k/s) * 3.7208
test3.jpg    19k http 0.2236 ( 85k/s) https 0.7677 ( 24k/s) * 3.4338
test4.jpg    53k http 0.5668 ( 94k/s) https 1.1543 ( 46k/s) * 2.0365
test5.jpg    97k http 0.7861 (123k/s) https 2.1974 ( 44k/s) * 2.7954
test6.jpg   214k http 1.4061 (152k/s) https 2.3735 ( 90k/s) * 1.6880
test7.jpg   140k http 0.9434 (149k/s) https 1.9331 ( 72k/s) * 2.0491
test8.jpg   470k http 2.8590 (164k/s) https 3.7696 (124k/s) * 1.3185

('multiple' is the number of times 'slower' https is versus http).

And, here's my stunnel config:


cert = /etc/certs/combined.pem
setuid = nobody
setgid = nobody
pid = /var/run/stunnel/stunnel.pid
socket = l:TCP_NODELAY=1
socket = r:TCP_NODELAY=1
debug = 0
output = /var/log/stunnel

local =
accept = 443
connect =
TIMEOUTclose = 0


So, any ideas why stunnel is working so slowly?  I mean, I know there's
the overhead of the SSL negotiation, and I've heard some things about a
stunnel session cache, but nothing about enabling/using it (unless
'session = something bigger than zero' does so?).

Any suggestions to improve performance, especially for large batches of
small transfers?


Don Werve <donw at iradeon.net>
Chief Systems Administrator / Systems Architect

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