[stunnel-users] Clearer and Detailed version of the mail Stunnel for HTTP encription

Ian cobalt-users1 at fishnet.co.uk
Thu Jul 20 15:56:00 CEST 2006

On 20 Jul 2006 at 13:37, LoopBack Inc wrote:

> Hello.
> I rewrote some parts of the question, and illustrated it by a small ASCII 
> picture to clearifiy the whole situation.

> I don't know why I haven't got  a single answer, because over 350 people are 
> subscribed to the list, so
> I hope that I'll get some help now.
> It would be grateful.


The normal etiquette on mailing lists is to not respond if you don't 
know the answer.  Otherwise you would get hundreds and hundreds of 
useless 'I don't know' emails.

Perhaps no-one knows the answer or you aren't really describing the 
problem in a way we can understand.

> I use SocksCap to forward the iexplore cnnections to another port, a port on 
> which stunnel listens.


I get the impression you want to browse the internet from PC1 but to 
have all the traffic proxied through PC2 (with the data being 
encrypted) , is this correct?

If not could you provide a brief (non technical) description of what 
you want and why. There may be better solutions to your problem than 
fighting with proxies and stunnel.



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