[stunnel-users] newbie: stunnel works but do not encrypt

Gallas Róbert Gallas.Robert at slposta.sk
Wed Jul 12 18:55:23 CEST 2006

1. Yes I`m sure. I use the same connection string to tunnel connect using OpenSSH and putty. And it works fine. But it is the same with http port forward. It seems that no connection through my stunnel setup is encrypted.
2. I use Ethereal on serverside of tunnel. It shows no SSH type packet, as oposite OpenSSH and putty shows just SSH packet, and also I`m able to see in packet my SQL request (trivial select sysdate from dual) and also the responce. The same situation is with http port forward. I apologize I would have to mention that I`m using Ethereal to inspect packets. Tomorow I can send you output from ET.  ( :-) )
I do not know if my setup is wrong or not, if I have to switch on some "switch" to begin encryption or stunnel should encrypt by default.


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Gallas Róbert wrote:
> I setup stunnel( v4.15 win32 port ) on both side, client and server.
> Connection is working but does not encrypt.
> Setup is done for ORACLE and WEB. Oracle`s listener is setup with
> "USE_SHARED_SOCKET = TRUE" variable and works fine with OpenSSH with PUTTY
> client = yes
> [oracle]
> accept = 1521
> connect =

1. Are you sure your Oracle client is configured to connect instead of

2. How did you realize that it `does not encrypt'?

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