[stunnel-users] stunnel and syslog

Bart Somers zon4jou at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 15:11:46 CET 2006

On 2/10/06, Michal Trojnara <Michal.Trojnara at mobi-com.net> wrote:
> Bart Somers wrote:
> > 3) the fork option builded nicely, no warnings whatsoever,
> > but has the same behaviour as the ucontext build,
> > crashes with both syslog and engine=chil enabled.
> Crashing fork build is really strange since the main process does not use
> the engine at all...  Did you properly "make clean && make && make
> install"?

OK, maybe crashing is a heavy word, it just stops working without any
notice. I'm allmost 100% sure i did a "make clean" before i started, but
after the weekend (the machine is at the office) i'll rerun this one from a
fresh source-tree (direct from .tar) and inform you.

I'm afraid I can't help you unless you could provide me with a testing

> environment (a shell account).

Thanks in advance! I will see what is possible about this.

Best regards,

Bart Somers
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