[stunnel-users] stunnel closing connections with RST ?

Brian Hatch bri at stunnel.org
Thu Feb 9 12:20:28 CET 2006

> As I said you can reproduce this with stunnel "client = no" , telnet to
> "accept" port and tcpdump. As soon as you hit ^] and type "q" to close
> connection you will see "RST" coming from stunnel.
> I understand that tcp/ip is not part of stunnel. Theres got to be some way
> to close() socket and have OS send RST.
> Its very old BigIP version 3.3.1

Wow.  Yep, that's old.

Version 9 has been out for more than a year.... I'd have no doubts that
there are bugs in 3.3.1.

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