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Masateru KUWATA masateru_kuwata at activemail.jp
Fri Feb 3 09:54:17 CET 2006


Thi is probably better idea.

I quickly reviewed TAP/TUN usage and found no significnat disadvantage of using TAP instead of TUN.


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>Masateru KUWATA wrote:
>> Just a quick comment - is this designed for only L3 traffic?
>> It is likel that TUNEPIPE encapsulates TUN traffic in TCP and 
>> carry to the otehr end through SSL.
>> If it is a case, can you think about TAP device to be 
>> supported as well? I see a lot of demand to carry "Ethernet 
>> traffic" over IP rather than L3 traffic. (OpenVPN also supports both)
>What about switchint to TAP (L2) completly?  Are there any drawbacks of this
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>    Mike
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