[stunnel-users] accept is not allowed in inetd mode

Tomasz Feliksiak vonom at intertel.net.pl
Wed Aug 23 22:50:37 CEST 2006

> I'm afraid I won't be able to tell you what's wrong with your
> /etc/stunnel/smtps.conf without your /etc/stunnel/smtps.conf file.
> 8-)
>   I guess you didn't define any service section.
> BTW.  Please make sure to read the fine manual.  There's also a Polish
> version.
> http://stunnel.mirt.net/static/stunnel.pl.html
> Greetings from Poland,
>      Mike

You were right.
I only define ports but dont uncomment protocol names in [] (like

accept  = 995
connect = 110

;accept  = 993
;connect = 143

accept  = 465
connect = 25

Now it looks like this and it's working (earlier i have two configs, one
per service).

Poor thing about this is that it don't log anything before you dont
uncomment this [] :P - hope no one other make this mistake.

When I uncomment everything else was simple cause I have log :) and know
what's going on.
There was a problem with binding to ports cause I try to run it by inetd
but I find your post at google to not run it by inetd.

I change stunnel-inetd-4.15-1 to stunnel-standalone-4.15-1 (PLD Rulez
:P) and problems gone.
Is possible to run stunnel by inetd???

Thanks for help Michal. Stunnel is great :)

I read the manual, english version. Sad thing is that I dont find out
where I make mistake and when I read Polish wersion I do.

Good thing is that it will be help for others who make this simple


Tomasz Feliksiak
vonom at intertel.net.pl

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