[stunnel-users] Deamon signal on close connection

Ondra Medek ondrejm at aswsyst.cz
Wed Apr 5 11:44:02 CEST 2006


I'm using stunnel4 in daemon mode. It runs a bash script "service" for each
connection. I want to stop the script, when the client closes the connection.
Does the stunnel4 send any signal to child process when the connection is
closed? My script receives no signal. Or is it a problem of bash? 

The only way how can the script find, that connection is broken is by
reading the standart input, but I don't want to read any standart input.


P.S. a snip of stunnel4 config:

accept  = 1002                                                                  
exec = /home/ondrejm/SeptimOS/ServerConsole/aswc-new/opt/asw/console/service    

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