[stunnel-users] Help Installing Stunnel After Reformat Drive

mxrtmxd72 at att.net mxrtmxd72 at att.net
Wed Sep 21 22:21:03 CEST 2005

I have been using Stunnel with Agent versioin 3.  My system recently crashed and 
I had to re-format the hard drive, reinstall Windows XP, and reinstall my apps.  
I have followed the directions at wurd.com/cl_ssl_stunnel.php#Windows.  
Fortunately, I had backups of the required files.

I placed libeay32.dll, libssl32.dll, stunnel-4.10.exe, and stunnel.conf in 

I placed a shortcut on the desktop which points to C:\Batch\runagent.bat.

C:\Batch\runagent.bat consists of the following line:

c:\batch\runagent.cmd consists of the following lines:
    net start stunnel
    "C:\Program Files\Agent\agent.exe"
    net stop stunnel

There is also a desktop shortcut which points to C:\Stunnel\stunnel-4.10.exe.

When I place a pause command following the net start stunnel line in 
runagent.cmd a message appears: The service name is invalid.

The WURD document seems to imply that it is not necessary to run stunnel-410.exe 
-install unless you want Stunnel to run all the time.  Am I missing something?  
I don't remember exactly how I made this work when I first installed it before 
my system crashed.

Any assistance would be gratefully appreciated.  Thanks.

Mort Middleman

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