[stunnel-users] stunnel silently dies

Uffe Vedenbrant sqm at mynta.org
Fri Oct 14 17:18:18 CEST 2005


After using stunnel on several freebsd boxes i decided to
try it out on my mailserver..

Unfortunately it silently died after first connection..
( and with exitcode=0 )

debug = 7

Nothing more in the log than startup + a line about a
incomming connection on port 9143.. ( where i put my incomming imap )

Nothing in any log on the box..

Ok.. It might be my openssl freebsd version or stunnel version
so i started to upgrade everything..
Freebsd 4.4 -> 4.11 stunnel 4.05 -> 4.11 etc..

Well did it work.. Nop..;-)

Finally i found out after tryin ktrace that the problem was that
the tcpwrapper code killed me..

That's ok but there where no logging at all that the tcpwrapper silently
decided that i was comming from a blocked host..

It's up now without tcpwrapper enabled and works perfect..;-)

Is there any possibility to have stunnel to say something about
tcpwrapper problems..;-)

And not just die..;-)



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