[stunnel-users] stunnel and logrotate

Bohdan Linda b.linda at volny.cz
Thu Oct 6 16:59:40 CEST 2005


I have noticed that by sending -HUP signal to stunnel causes daemon to
exit. The problem is when stunnel is logging to a file and the file was
recreated (i.e. by logrotate). I have blindly configured logrotate to send
-HUP to the stunnel after the logs are rotated and awaited 'common-habbit'
functionality: re-read configuration and refresh file handles. But I was

xxxx at yyyyy:/var/log# more stunnel.log.1       
2005.09.27 14:07:51 LOG5[23244:3084273344]: stunnel 4.07 on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2005.09.27 14:07:51 LOG5[23244:3084273344]: 500 clients allowed
2005.10.02 04:40:03 LOG3[23245:3084273344]: Received signal 1; terminating

Apparently messages are going to the 'old' filehandle and stunnel exits. 
Is there any workaround to this except: 
1) hard restarting stunnel
2) putting stunnel in inetd

Thank you,

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