[stunnel-users] Help: Remote desktop connection crashes Stunnel

Alaric Dailey alaricd at pengdows.com
Tue Oct 4 16:26:02 CEST 2005

Jonathan Bell wrote:
> In an attempt to get remote desktop set up over SSL tunneling with 
> compression
Remote desktop uses self-signed certs to do its own encryption and 
authorization, there is infact a knowledge base entry on what to do if 
this cert becomes corrupted. The tunnel is only  susceptible to an MITM 
account, so there is no reason to use stunnel.  Furthermore, excluding 
sound and files, RDP sends draw commands rather than trying to send 
images ala Netmeeting, thus its overhead is VERY small.

> <snip>

> [remote-desktop]
> accept  =   
> connect = my.host.name:9833
> ----------------------------------
> The procedure I used was as follows - start Stunnel on the host, run 
> upstairs with the zipped "portable" stunnel on a USB drive, run 
> stunnel on the other PC, also running XP Pro SP2. Start->run->mstsc, 
> enter and all that happens is that stunnel instantly 
> crashes then Remote Desktop times out.
RDP runs on 3389 not 9833, and changing the port is not supported on the 
client or the server.
> What am I doing wrong?

If you have any other questions feel free to ask :)

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