[stunnel-users] Call for Beta Testers: Tool similar to Stunnel.

Wilfred Nilsen wilfrednilsen at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 17 18:41:02 CET 2005

We have designed a tool that is similar to Stunnel and we would like to know 
if anyone would be interested in testing the tool.

A short introduction:

The Barracuda HTTPS tunnel allows you to encrypt arbitrary TCP connections 
inside SSL. The HTTPS tunnel allows you to secure non-SSL aware services 
such as TELNET, FTP, VNC, etc., by having the HTTPS tunnel provide the 
encryption. The HTTPS tunnel can also be used, for example, to tunnel 
traffic out from behind a restrictive firewall/proxy that only allows 
outgoing HTTPS web connections.

The client is a Java program that can either be downloaded and started from 
the command prompt or started using Java Web Start.

The server is BarracudaDrive.

We will make the beta program (the server and client) available if anyone is 
interested in testing the tool and give us feedback. We are specifically 
interested in beta testers that are behind a restrictive company proxy.


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