[stunnel-users] Re: unexpected shutdown of stunnel

Paul Dekkers Paul.Dekkers at surfnet.nl
Wed May 18 14:29:29 CEST 2005


For what it's worth:

>I use Freebsd and made an update from stunnel 4.8 to stunnel 4.10 from
>the ports today. Now I noticed that stunnel stops after a while.
I experienced the same, only my configuration ran in server- instead of 

The only thing that I did while building the port was using -DWITH_IPV6, 
but I assume that shouldn't be a problem.

>And these are the last lines of the log:005.05.15 10:34:00
I used debug = 5, and I didn't see anything usefull in the logs. I'm 
glad someone has the same problem and has better logging then I have ;-)
The last log line was the incoming session, that's it.

>Everything went fine with 4.8, now stunnel is not running anymore after
>a short period of time (few minutes).
I'm back to the 4.7 we had previously. We're using this in production, 
so I couldn't really experiment much with the 4.10.


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