[stunnel-users] zlib compression

Oleg Ivanov saruman at unigsm.com
Mon May 9 03:35:08 CEST 2005


I have installed stunnel 4.09 both as client (on my computer) and as
server (on server). Both has zlib compression enabled and I can see that
zlib initializes properly in the logs (it says "Compression enabled
using zlib method"). But when I send any data over that tunnel I can't
see any signs of compression - amount of traffic is almost the same as
over plain connection.

Am I doing something wrong? Or I'm misunderstanding the purpose of this
compression ability?
And if the traffic indeed must be reduced - why I can't see that and how
can I make it work properly?

Thank you for your answers.

Best Regards, Oleg Ivanov.

-- Oleg Ivanov
mailto: saruman at unigsm.com

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