[stunnel-users] [Newbie] Set up question

Jan Meijer jan.meijer at surfnet.nl
Mon May 2 10:31:33 CEST 2005

On Sat, 30 Apr 2005, Geoff Sheridan wrote:

> I have compiled and installed stunnel 4.10 under Mac OS X 10.3.
> I want to set up stunnel to connect a non-ssl newsreader client to an ssl 
> nntp server.
> The newsreader client is Unison and the server is Easynews SSL server.
> I don't really know how to do this. I wonder if anyone can point me in the 
> right direction.

Use something like this in your stunnel.conf:

cert=<your certificate file>
key =<your certificate file>

# Run in client mode? (remote service is using SSL)
client = yes

# Definition of the services that we're running on our localhost

# Service NNTP
accept =
connect = <your nntp server>:563



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