[stunnel-users] Libssl32.dll and Libeay32.dll Patents

Brian Hatch bri at stunnel.org
Wed Mar 30 11:54:33 CEST 2005

> I live in Maryland, United States.  Can somebody please tell me if there
> is a patent or some kind of legal restriction on the Libssl32.dll and
> Libeay32.dll files available in the
> http://www.stunnel.org/download/stunnel/win32/ directory?  I would
> really like to avoid compiling OpenSSL manually...gave it a shot this
> evening and it bombed.  I need to use Stunnel for strictly internal
> purposes and not for any profit.  

The IDEA algorithm is patented, but I don't think Mike included
that in his builds.  You can configure Stunnel to only use specific
ciphers, in which case you wouldn't be using it regardless.  Does
that make it legal?  Consult a lawyer.  Software patents suck.

I'd download the openssl.exe and the libs and run 'openssl.exe ciphers -v'
and see exactly which ciphers it includes and avoid any from which your
legal team suggess you run away.

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