[stunnel-users] Windows XP Pro as a client of Remote Dekstop via stunnel

patrick daniels patrick.daniels at duke.edu
Wed Mar 2 14:09:15 CET 2005

Given that Remote Desktop is a secure connection, why would you have to do 
Stunnel in addition?

--On Wednesday, March 02, 2005 12:17 +0100 Jacek Baszkiewicz <banys at op.pl> 

> Hi!
> I'm currently working (without success) on such problem: I have to
> connect via Stunnel to Windows Server Remote Desktop from workstation
> with Windows XP Proffesional. When I refer to the local port handled by
> stunnel, Windows doesn't let me go go further, because it thinks that I'm
> trying to use local Remote Dekstop and prints: "You are already connected
> to this machine" (there can be only one connection through RD) . Is there
> any workaround for this problem, namely, to use secure connection via
> Stunnel to Remote Dekstop on XP Pro client? This is my config:
> client=yes
> cert = stunnel.pem
> [ts]
> accept=localhost:3389
> connect=remote_ip:443
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