[stunnel-users] Problem with mysql

lmarcilly at aressi.fr lmarcilly at aressi.fr
Wed Jul 20 14:47:36 CEST 2005

I try to analyse traffic with tcpdump and when i use stunnel, there is no packets with my linux box ip so i think stunnel doesn't work properly...
Here is the stunnel.log :

2005.07.20 12:58:23 LOG5[14714:1]: stunnel 4.11 on i686-pc-linux-gnu UCONTEXT+POLL+IPv4 with OpenSSL 0.9.7g 11 Apr 2005
2005.07.20 12:58:23 LOG7[14714:1]: Snagged 64 random bytes from /root/.rnd
2005.07.20 12:58:23 LOG7[14714:1]: Wrote 1024 new random bytes to /root/.rnd
2005.07.20 12:58:23 LOG7[14714:1]: RAND_status claims sufficient entropy for the PRNG
2005.07.20 12:58:23 LOG6[14714:1]: PRNG seeded successfully
2005.07.20 12:58:23 LOG7[14714:1]: Certificate: /usr/etc/stunnel/stunnel.pem
2005.07.20 12:58:23 LOG7[14714:1]: Key file: /usr/etc/stunnel/stunnel.pem
2005.07.20 12:58:23 LOG6[14714:1]: file ulimit = 1024 (can be changed with 'ulimit -n')
2005.07.20 12:58:23 LOG6[14714:1]: poll() used - no FD_SETSIZE limit for file descriptors
2005.07.20 12:58:23 LOG5[14714:1]: 500 clients allowed
2005.07.20 12:58:23 LOG7[14714:1]: FD 4 in non-blocking mode
2005.07.20 12:58:23 LOG7[14714:1]: FD 5 in non-blocking mode
2005.07.20 12:58:23 LOG7[14714:1]: FD 6 in non-blocking mode
2005.07.20 12:58:23 LOG7[14714:1]: SO_REUSEADDR option set on accept socket
2005.07.20 12:58:23 LOG7[14714:1]: mysql bound to
2005.07.20 12:58:23 LOG7[14715:1]: Created pid file /stunnel.pid
2005.07.20 14:07:13 LOG5[14715:0]: Received signal 15; terminating
2005.07.20 14:07:13 LOG7[14715:0]: removing pid file /stunnel.pid

When i look at stunnel.pid, there is 231 in the file and it is the stunnel pid...

In my stunnel.conf, i have put client=yes and

accept  = 3306
connect =

and on my stunnel server :

accept  = 3307
connect = localhost:3306

It works with my mysql client on windows (v4.1.12a) but not with my mysql client on linux (v4.1.8a). Perhaps the difference of version is the problem but i think not... 

Which options are applied when windows binaries of stunnel are compiled? Perhaps i have to change option when i compile on my linux box...

Thanks in advance!


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Subject: [stunnel-users] Problem with mysql (20-juil.-2005 11:41)
From:    lmarcilly at aressi.fr
To:      lmarcilly at aressi.fr

> Hi all,
> i try to encrypt mysql connections...
> I saw this : http://www.stunnel.org/examples/mysql.html
> but i use stunnel4.x.
> I configure it on my windows box and it work well! (mysql server is on a 
> linux box, i have configure stunnel as a server on this box)
> when i try mysql -u user --password=xyz it works
> but i have to made it work on a linux box.
> I use the same config file for stunnel, but when i try
> mysql -u user --password=xyz i have :
> Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.
> sock'
> This socket doesn't exist since there is no MySQL server on the box.
> I try with --protocol=TCP but it won't work, i have :
> Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost'
> Do you have an idea? Do you want more details on my config file for stunnel?
> Thanks in advance and sorry for my english!
> lm
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