[stunnel-users] SSL Session Cache and HTTPS performance

Daniel Hamburg daniel.hamburg at iis.rub.de
Mon Jul 18 17:31:26 CEST 2005

Hello everybody,

I hope I didn't muss an existing thread about this question, but I 
wasn't able to find one. At least none where I found an answer, although 
my question is quite simple.

I would like to test the performance difference between enabled and 
disabled SSLCaching. I use a configuration file for Stunnel 4.11 (daemon 
mode) where I tell it to accept incoming connections on port 444 and 
direct them to a local web-server on port 80.

Because STunnel uses Caching by default, I tried to tell STunnel to 
disable SSL Caching by setting
session = 0
in the configuration file, which resulted in an error when starting the 
program. I looked at the code and found that there is a check so that 
the session parameter can not be equal to 0. I disabled the check and 
started stunnel again which seemed to work.

But taking a look at the packets exchanged via a browser and the server 
resulted in the conclusion that caching is still enabled.

My simple question is, how I can disable the Caching.

Another question is if anyone of you has made any performance tests 
regarding STunnel in combination with an Apache HTTP server on the same 
machine. I'm specially interested in modes to get this combination run 
faster. And now please do not tell me to use mod_ssl. :)

Thanks in advance.


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