[stunnel-users] debugging stunnel

edonald1 at rochester.rr.com edonald1 at rochester.rr.com
Tue Jul 12 17:38:13 CEST 2005

Been trying to debug stunnel issues for stunnel-4.09 on Solaris 2.8. When in trouble I resort to reading documentation. It is now that I notice these two small lines in the begining of the document called INSTALL:

1. If your machine supports POSIX threads make sure your SSL
   library is compiled with -DTHREADS.

I did not do this .... ( verify openssl is compiled with -DTHREADS). WHat is the result of not compiling openssl with THREADS?  Also what version of openssl is recommended. I am using OpenSSL 0.9.6m .

Thanks in advance,

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