[stunnel-users] Stunnel-4.10 and Stunnel-4.11 in HPUX-11.23 IPFgives coredump

Michal Trojnara Michal.Trojnara at mobi-com.net
Mon Jul 11 09:19:57 CEST 2005

"Punitha" <punitha at visolve.com> wrote:
> 2005.07.10 23:39:26 LOG5[8909:1]:
> stunnel 4.11on ia64-hp-hpux11.23
> with OpenSSL 0.9.7e 25 Oct 2004
> 2005.07.10 23:40:08 LOG7[8909:2]: Context swap: 1 -> 2
> Memory fault(coredump)

It looks just like the problem with uc_stack.ss_sp on Sparc/Solaris 9 and 
earlier.  I'm sure I could fix it, but I don't have any HP-UX machine to 
test it.  Maybe someone could provide me with an account?

As a workaround (not the solution) you can use:
./configure --with-threads=pthread

Best regards,

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