[stunnel-users] Newbie trying to connect over a Microsoft Proxy

Michael Blake mblake at headbyte.co.uk
Wed Jan 5 23:37:52 CET 2005

sorry about that - it's a typo (i sent the e-mail from work, and used the
client stunnel.conf as a template).

the server stunnel.conf doesn't have it...

the server stunnel.conf is:
CAfile = stunnel.pem
verify = 3
accept =
connect =

client stunnel.conf:
CAfile = stunnel.pem
cert = stunnel.pem
client = yes
verify = 3
accept = localhost:3390
connect = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:80 (i tried port 800 too, but it also didn't work)

Should I be sending the packets out over the proxy port 800, or the standard
http port of 80? I'm not sure how proxies work, and don't know whether you
send packets to port 800, and the proxy then sends them out on 80, or
whether you can send them to port 80, and the proxy picks them up and sends
them out on 80...??

I've read somewhere that proxies can examine packets and discard them based
on their content, but these are ssl encrypted packets, and I wouldn't expect
MS Proxy server 2.0 to be that advanced anyway!! When stunnel sends packets,
does it send from the same port that it's sending to, eg 80 -> 80, or does
it send to from a different port, eg 1305 -> 80. If the latter is the case,
then maybe the proxy is set to discard packets from such ports?

Any help would be great.
Many thanks,


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> #Client
> client = yes

> #Server
> client = yes

hum.... :-)

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