[stunnel-users] ftp support for stunnel-4.11 (still has errors, do not know why)

ZHUANG YUYAO zhuangyy at netease.com
Mon Aug 1 10:55:54 CEST 2005


here is the initial patch (pre-pre-pre-alpha! just a demo/test) for 
adding ftp support to stunnel-4.11.

Known bugs:
1) only tested under linux. debian 3.1 (testing), gcc version 3.3.5 
(Debian 1:3.3.5-13)
2) ftp_alloc_port() in ftp.c is not yet finished. just a demo;
3) only works when configured with --with-threads=ucontext. does not 
work with --with-threads=pthread!
4) libwrap support is not tested.
5) only tested with flashfxp (3.0.2 build(1043) implicit SSL);
6) still contains memory leaks.
7) can only successfully transfer(RETR) small files whose size is less 
than about 90K bytes. stunnel hangs while transferring a larger file, 
looks like poll() in scan_waiting_queue() (network.c line 164) can not 
receive a POLLOUT event from ssl_wfd->fd after successfully transfered 
90K bytes. the log file is also included in this mail.

bug #7 really frustrats me. still do not know why. could anyone please 
give me some hints?

Zhuang Yuyao.
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