[stunnel-users] Patch: Windows version of stunnel 4.09 is not thread-safe

yi.lin at convergys.com yi.lin at convergys.com
Fri Apr 22 21:43:40 CEST 2005

We have been using stunnel on Windows as a SSL proxy to connect to HTTPS
server but stunnel kept crashing randomly under load.

After some investigation, we found the following: according to OpenSSL
document (http://www.openssl.org/docs/crypto/threads.html),
 "OpenSSL can safely be used in multi-threaded applications provided that   
 at least two callback functions are set.                                   
 locking_function(int mode, int n, const char *file, int line) is needed to 
 perform locking on shared data structures. (Note that OpenSSL uses a       
 number of global data structures that will be implicitly shared whenever   
 multiple threads use OpenSSL.) Multi-threaded applications will crash at   
 random if it is not set. "                                                 

The original stunnel package only implements a POSIX Pthread version of
locking callback functions, but doesn't provide any implementation for
Windows. This has caused random crashes during our testing because the way
we use stunnel requires frequent creation/destruction of threads and
stunnel is not thread-safe without the locking callbacks.

The attached fix attempts to address the problem by implementing the
Windows version of locking callbacks using Windows native CRITICAL_SECTION

*** sthreads.c    Fri Dec 31 02:55:40 2004
--- sthreads_w32.c      Thu Apr 14 08:29:07 2005
*** 121,126 ****
--- 121,127 ----
  #ifdef USE_WIN32


  void enter_critical_section(SECTION_CODE i) {
*** 130,141 ****
--- 131,161 ----

+ static void locking_callback(int mode, int type,
+     const /* Callback definition has been changed in openssl 0.9.3 */
+ #endif
+     char *file, int line) {
+     if(mode&CRYPTO_LOCK)
+         EnterCriticalSection(lock_cs+type);
+     else
+         LeaveCriticalSection(lock_cs+type);
+ }
  void sthreads_init(void) {
      int i;

      /* Initialize stunnel critical sections */
      for(i=0; i<CRIT_SECTIONS; i++)
+     /* Initialize OpenSSL locking callback */
+     for(i=0; i<CRYPTO_NUM_LOCKS; i++)
+         InitializeCriticalSection(lock_cs+i);
+     CRYPTO_set_locking_callback(locking_callback);

  unsigned long stunnel_process_id(void) {

(See attached file: sthread_diff)

Yi Lin
Convergys Corporation
yi.lin at convergys.com
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