[stunnel-users] Reporting problems

Brian Hatch bri at stunnel.org
Wed Apr 20 01:40:53 CEST 2005

> Please stop reporting problems with obsolete versions of stunnel.  You 
> should always upgrade to the latest stunnel and OpenSSL first, than repeat 
> your tests and report a problem.

As the maintenance man  of the 3.x branch (yes, some folks do use it still)
the official stance is this:

	* if it's a security bug, I'll patch it.
	* if it's a bug and you have a patch that works, I'll probably
	  apply it
	* if it's a bug and you don't have a patch, I probably don't
	  have the cycles to investigate it, sorry.

There's a 3.x wrapper that supports the old command line options.  

4 is stable.  4 is good.  And even.  And the square of 2.  What more
could you need?

Brian Hatch                  "Are you expected?"
   Systems and               "No.  Dreaded."
   Security Engineer

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