[stunnel-users] Please Help! I keep getting the same error.

Theodore W. Hildebrandt TWHGSO at att.net
Mon Apr 11 17:26:58 CEST 2005

Refer to my submission of 03/24/05: "error:1408F10B:SSL . . . "

I had hoped that someone would tell me how to get around this error, but
no message has appeared in the stunnel Archive.

I have now ftp'd version 4.09 and tried it, with the same results.  I
wait and wait for a connection, and finally interrupt the process, since
it's not going anywhere.  And then I get the "error:1408F10B. . ."
message in the stunnel log.

Since I seem to be able to send e-mail from my old Pentium II computer
(Windows 98SE) I'm, using it so send this message.  [Note that I can
still receive e-mail on the new Dell Pentium IV machine (Windows XP
Home).  I just can't send anything.]

Doesn't anyone have answers?

                             Ted Hildebrandt

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