[stunnel-users] Pass IP Attn: Alexander Lazic

Tim Brown tbrown2376 at adelphia.net
Sun Apr 10 19:42:05 CEST 2005

Nope...I see Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows.

Can you send me the stunnel.exe that already has this patch compiled?  This 
works for windows?


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Subject: Re: [stunnel-users] Pass IP Attn: Alexander Lazic

> On Son 10.04.2005 10:24, Tim Brown wrote:
>>Al....not following how to do this from Windows..cmd prompt?
> Don't you use cygwin?
> al ;-)
>>From: "Alexander Lazic" <al-stunnel at none.at>
>>To: "Tim Brown" <tbrown2376 at adelphia.net>
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>>Subject: Re: [stunnel-users] Pass IP Attn: Alexander Lazic
>>>On Son 10.04.2005 00:33, Tim Brown wrote:
>>>>Al...how do I install this patch? ...I running stunnel 4.07
>>>Have you ever used the program 'patch'?
>>>>Thanks for your help.
>>>get stunnel-4.07.tar.gz
>>>extract stunnel-4.07.tar.gz
>>>get the patch
>>>call patch -p0 < the_patch_file
>>>al ;-)
>>>>From: "Alexander Lazic" <al-stunnel at none.at>
>>>>To: <tbrown2376 at adelphia.net>
>>>>Cc: <stunnel-users at mirt.net>
>>>>Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2005 3:54 AM
>>>>Subject: Re: [stunnel-users] Pass IP Attn: Alexander Lazic
>>>>>On Fre 08.04.2005 12:48, tbrown2376 at adelphia.net wrote:
>>>>>>Attn: Alexander Lazic
>>>>>>Can you please send me the patch for:
>>>>>>patch for HTTP => X-Forwarded-For Header
>>>>>>to: tbrown2376 at adelphia.net
>>>>>You can get it from:
>>>>>or you can wait for monday, then i can send you the patch.
>>>>>al ;-)
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