[stunnel-users] Stunnel help

Mohammed Riyaz p.mdriyaz at gmail.com
Fri Sep 24 11:43:37 CEST 2004


I have installed  stunnel-4.05 along with openssl-0.9.7d. I am not
able to run it in either daemon or client mode. I read through the
stunnel.org webpage but could find any help.

when i run  /usr/local/sbin/stunnel -d 7898 -r 631

i get the following output.

2004.09.24 15:10:47 LOG3[4752:1073866848]: -d: No such file or directory (2)

stunnel [filename] | -fd [n] | -help | -version | -sockets
    filename    - use specified config file instead of
    -fd n       - read the config file from specified file descriptor
    -help       - get config file help
    -version    - display version and defaults
    -sockets    - display default socket options

I have copied the sampel config file as /usr/local/etc/stunnel/stunnel.conf.

what should i do to avoid this?

Is there any good document avalibel explaing step by step installation
and configuration of stunnel?

Thank you,

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