[stunnel-users] unclosed connection issue

Ken G scy7363 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 15 19:45:55 CEST 2004

I'm running stunnel 3.xx with thttpd (an embedded http server) on a small
embedded machine on a pci card running linux. Establishing ssh, ftp, and http
connections and using OpenSSL has all worked fine since they've been
installed. I've been experiencing a strange issue. It seems that stunnel
fails (somehow) to inform https clients that the connection has been closed.
The sequence of events that I'm observing goes like this:

T+0.0s:  https client initiates request on port 443 (https).
T+0.1s:  stunnel establishes connection with thttpd on port 80.
T+0.4s:  thttpd finishes and dies, closing connection with stunnel.
T+0.5s:  stunnel finishes sending thttpd's output to its client, and then
         stops, believing that it has finished that connection. If forked, 
         this copy of stunnel dies. The client (internet explorer, firefox, 
         mozilla... doesn't matter) still believes that the connection is
         active, and waits for additional data.
T+10.5s: Roughly 10 seconds later the client decides that the server timed
         and displays what has been sent so far, which is the entire page.
         The only visible symptom is that small webpages seem to take 10
         to load.
The visible symptom, then, is that webpages below a certain size (where that
size is determined by the browser's willingness to refresh its view as data
is being sent) take about 10 seconds to load.

Is it possible that this behavior is due to stunnel? 

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