[stunnel-users] client auth saga

markzero at logik.ath.cx markzero at logik.ath.cx
Mon Aug 30 20:57:57 CEST 2004

On Monday 30 of August 2004 20:38, markzero at logik.ath.cx wrote:
> To be honest, I'm just generally paranoid. I'd rather have a prospective
> attacker have to crack two passwords (the root and one wheel group) than
> one. I thought I'd write the above just so I didn't get a big lecture,
> hehe. :)

> You're not paranoid enough.  You still use passwords!  8-)

I'm currently in the process of moving everything over to keypairs. I'm
not blessed with security conscious users, and it's hard to get them
to understand that a keypair is actually more convenient (especially if
you use an agent). :)

> > I recommend to use CAfile instead of CApath for simple configurations.
> > It doesn't need a hashed directory and is not relative to chroot jail.
> So something like:
> CApath = /var/stunnel/certs

> No!
> CAfile = /var/stunnel/certs/your_cert.pem

Oops, yeah I see what you mean.

> I'm paranoid that someone has been at my testing configs now. :) I
> previously had a working setup, which worries me even further as I *did*
> use a symlink.

Yes, you can use symlinks, but instead of:
  ln -s /a/b/c/x /a/b/c/y
  cd /a/b/c
  ln -s x y
Please notice (ls -l) the results are not the same!

That must have been it.

> Best regards,
>    Mike
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