[stunnel-users] _GET_CLIENT_HELLO:unknown protocol

markzero at logik.ath.cx markzero at logik.ath.cx
Mon Aug 16 22:02:43 CEST 2004

Hi. I'm so close to having a working loghost, with stunnel encrypted connections.

Not close enough however.

I have syslog-ng setup to log to on all clients.

The client config:

accept =
connect =

On the loghost, stunnel listens on *.5514 and forwards to connection to (which syslog-ng is listening on).

(server config):

accept =
connect =

I'm making an assumption that the certificates are working, as I'm
using (or attempting to use) both client and server authentication.

Watching the stream with a packet sniffer shows absolutely no connections
between the client and the loghost. Strings such as this appear in the 
stunnel.log repeatedly:

2004.08.16 20:42:26 LOG7[7690:1006693376]: syslogngs started
2004.08.16 20:42:26 LOG5[7690:1006693376]: syslogngs connected from
2004.08.16 20:42:26 LOG7[7690:1006693376]: SSL state (accept): before/accept 
2004.08.16 20:42:26 LOG7[7690:1006693376]: waitforsocket: FD=13, DIR=read
2004.08.16 20:42:26 LOG7[7690:1006690304]: syslogngs accepted FD=14 from
2004.08.16 20:42:26 LOG7[7690:1006690304]: FD 14 in non-blocking mode
2004.08.16 20:42:26 LOG7[7690:1006763008]: syslogngs started
2004.08.16 20:42:26 LOG5[7690:1006763008]: syslogngs connected from
2004.08.16 20:42:26 LOG7[7690:1006763008]: SSL state (accept): before/accept 
2004.08.16 20:42:26 LOG7[7690:1006763008]: waitforsocket: FD=14, DIR=read
2004.08.16 20:42:26 LOG7[7690:1006763008]: waitforsocket: ok
2004.08.16 20:42:26 LOG3[7690:1006763008]: SSL_accept: 140760FC: error:140760FC:SSL 
routines:SSL23_GET_CLIENT_HELLO:unknown protocol
2004.08.16 20:42:26 LOG7[7690:1006763008]: syslogngs finished (1 left)
2004.08.16 20:47:26 LOG7[7690:1006693376]: waitforsocket: timeout
2004.08.16 20:47:26 LOG7[7690:1006693376]: syslogngs finished (0 left)

Have I made some glaring error that I'm not aware of?


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