[stunnel-announce] stunnel 4.51 released

Michal Trojnara Michal.Trojnara at mirt.net
Tue Jan 10 00:11:26 CET 2012

Dear Users,

I have released version 4.51 of stunnel.

The ChangeLog entry:

Version 4.51, 2012.01.09, urgency: MEDIUM:
* New features
  - Updated Win32 binary distribution OpenSSL DLLs to version 0.9.8s-fips.
  - Updated Android binary OpenSSL to version 1.0.0f.
  - Zlib support added to Win32 and Android binary builds.
  - New "compression = deflate" global option to enable RFC 2246 compresion.
    For compatibility with previous versions "compression = zlib" and
    "compression = rle" also enable the deflate (RFC 2246) compression.
  - Separate default ciphers and sslVersion for "fips = yes" and "fips = no".
  - UAC support for editing configuration file with Windows GUI.
* Bugfixes
  - Fixed exec+connect sections.
  - Added a workaround for broken Android getaddrinfo():

Home page: http://www.stunnel.org/
Download: ftp://ftp.stunnel.org/stunnel/

SHA-256 hash for stunnel-4.51.tar.gz:

Best regards,
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