[stunnel-announce] Stunnel 4.12 released

Michal Trojnara Michal.Trojnara at mobi-com.net
Thu Sep 29 22:25:47 CEST 2005

Here is the ChangeLog entry:

Version 4.12, 2005.09.29, urgency: MEDIUM:
* New features
  - Win32 installer added.
  - New Win32 commandline options: -start and -stop.
  - Log level and thread number are reported to syslog.
  - DLLs for OpenSSL 0.9.8.
  - stunnel.spec updated by neeo <neeo at irc.pl>.
* Bugfixes
  - Use of broken poll() is disabled on Mac OS X.
  - Yet another transfer() infinite loop condition fixed.
  - Workaround for a serious M$ bug (KB177346).
  - IPv6 DLLs allocation problem resulting in GPF on W2K fixed.
  - zlib added to shared libraries (OpenSSL may need it).
  - size_t printf() fixed in stack_info().
* Release notes
  - This is a bugfix release.  Upgrade is recommended.

Homepage: http://stunnel.mirt.net/
Download: ftp://stunnel.mirt.net/stunnel/
sha1sum: 3a0f1b9955f64dcab376b4145663f1eadc5dfba5  stunnel-4.12.tar.gz

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