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Jacek Grymuza jacek.grymuza w isc2chapter-poland.com
Pon, 27 Maj 2019, 23:35:54 CEST

//Zaproszenie do udziału w projekcie tłumaczeń szkoleń edukacyjnych na
język polski. Poniżej więcej szczegółów od organizatorów tego
przedsięwzięcia. //

Dear members and friends,

(ISC)2 charitable foundation - Center for Cyber Safety and Education
(Center), recently embarked on a new project to translate all of their Safe
andSecure Online free resources to multiple languages including Polish with
the hope to better serve (ISC)2’s international network, hence be able to
better educate communities worldwide about internet safety. The Center is
actively looking for (ISC)2 members or associates that speak Polish to
participate in this project. All members participating will receive CPE

(ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter is actively taking part of this project. Panagiotis
Soulos, our Chapter's Secretary, will lead this initiative.

The Center has chosen the (ISC)2 Community platform to be the virtual
gathering place for translations. If you are interested in helping
translate the materials, please create a profile so that you can be added
into the correct group for your language. You do not need an additional
account or login to access (ISC)2 Community. Simply login to your existing
(ISC)2 Member Profile and click on Community on the right-hand side of the
page to get started. From there, you can click the Register button and
create a screen name for the Community. Once you have completed this step
your account will be created. You can email Beatriz Parres at
bparres w isc2.org and zarzad w isc2chapter-poland.com your username so you can
be added to the group.

Kind regards,

*Jacek Grymuza*
(ISC)² Poland Chapter, President

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