[isc2-pl] (ISC)2 Poland Chapter Meeting | 25.10.2018 | Machine Learning

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Śro, 24 Paź 2018, 23:37:57 CEST


 Przypominamy o jutrzejszym spotkaniu Chapteru,

Agenda spotkania:

 Alex Vaystikh: Machine Learning: Does it help or hurt cybersecurity?

* Machine learning anomaly detection has been hyped as the answer to
increasingly ineffective signature AV solutions. We would argue that
machine learning could make a security analyst's job more difficult, and at
times, impair the level of cybersecurity.
* Supervised machine learning is often used in file analysis such as
endpoint and anti-virus solutions - where it can be of an advantage.
* What happens when supervised machine learning is used in highly dynamic
use cases like network traffic analysis
* What is Unsupervised machine learning and how it's differentiated from
supervised machine learning
* What unsupervised machine learning can offer in network traffic analysis

Company: www.secbi.com
Language: ENG
Place: Ernst and Young
Date: 25.10.2018 18:00

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