stunnel: TODO

stunnel TODO

High priority features. They will likely be supported some day. A sponsor could allocate my time to get them faster.

  • Extend session tickets and/or sessiond to also serialize application data ("redirect" state and session persistence).
  • Add client certificate autoselection based on the list of accepted issuers: SSL_CTX_set_client_cert_cb(), SSL_get_client_CA_list().
  • Add an Apparmor profile.
  • Optional line-buffering of the log file.
  • Log rotation on Windows.
  • Configuration file option to limit the number of concurrent connections.
  • Command-line server control interface on both Unix and Windows.
  • Separate GUI process running as the current user on Windows.
  • An Android GUI.
  • OCSP stapling (tlsext_status).
  • Indirect CRL support (RFC 3280, section 5).
  • MSI installer for Windows.
  • Add user-defined headers to CONNECT proxy requests. This can be used to impersonate other software (e.g. web browsers).

Low priority features. They will unlikely ever be supported.

  • Database and/or directory interface for retrieving PSK secrets.
  • Support static FIPS-enabled build.
  • Service-level logging destination.
  • Enforce key renegotiation (re-handshake) for long connections.
  • Logging to NT EventLog on Windows.
  • Internationalization of logged messages (i18n).
  • Generic scripting engine instead or static protocol.c.
  • Add 'leastconn' failover strategy to order defined 'connect' targets by the number of active connections.
  • Add '-status' command line option reporting the number of clients connected to each service.

Features I won't support, unless convinced otherwise by a wealthy sponsor.

  • Support for adding X-Forwarded-For to HTTP request headers. This feature is less useful since PROXY protocol support is available.
  • Support for adding X-Forwarded-For to SMTP email headers. This feature is most likely to be implemented as a separate proxy.
  • Additional certificate checks (including wildcard comparison) based on:
    • O (Organization), and
    • OU (Organizational Unit).
  • Set processes title that appear on the ps(1) and top(1) commands. I could not find a portable *and* non-copyleft library for it.

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