stunnel: Mailing Lists

There are two stunnel mailing lists:
  1. stunnel-users: public, avg. 2-3 emails/day
    General discussion, problem reports, small patches.
    An email address needs to be subscribed to be allowed post to this list!
    You should seek for solution in the archive before asking your question.

  2. stunnel-announce: moderated, avg. <1 email/month
    New version announcements, other critical information.
    Users are hardly expected to post messages to this list.
    See the archive.

Before you send your question to stunnel-users:
  1. Upgrade stunnel and OpenSSL to the latest versions first. Never report problems with an old version.

  2. Read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way by Eric S.Raymond and Rick Moen.

  3. Or read How to Report Bugs Effectively by Simon Tatham.

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