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File NameSizeDate 1125627 23rd June 2016 811 23rd June 2016 91 23rd June 2016
stunnel-5.33-installer.exe 3218290 23rd June 2016
stunnel-5.33-installer.exe.asc 811 23rd June 2016
stunnel-5.33-installer.exe.sha256 93 23rd June 2016
stunnel-5.33.tar.gz 643311 23rd June 2016
stunnel-5.33.tar.gz.asc 811 23rd June 2016
stunnel-5.33.tar.gz.sha256 86 23rd June 2016

Beta Versions

File NameSizeDate
stunnel-5.34b1-installer.exe 3220071 25th June 2016

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Creating Mirrors

To create a mirror of stunnel you should use rsync:
rsync -av --delete local_path

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